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5 Fandom Friday: Couple’s Costumes I Want to Force My Significant Other to Wear For Halloween

We did this topic last year for 5 Fandom Friday as well but it’s such a fun one to include because people are always discovering new characters and fandoms so everyone on your list from last year might not make it this year.  This year I decided to shake things up and post 5 couple’s costumes that I want to dress up as with Andrew at some point in the future.  We don’t have anything big planned for this Halloween (besides the aforementioned pie-baking, Halloween-candy-eating and scary-movie-watching) so Andrew and I will be saving our costumes for Kelly & Erika’s annual after-Halloween Halloween party.  I’m not going to reveal our plan just yet but here are some characters I want us to dress up as in the future!

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1) Bilbo & Gandalf – Andrew already has the height going for him to be Gandalf and since Gandalf is my favorite character I would love to see Andrew dressed up as him.  Also, being Bilbo will give me an excuse to eat a million meals in a day and walk around barefoot.


2) Rapunzel & Flynn – This is one of my favorite Disney films and Rapunzel and Flynn are the characters in the Disney World that most closely resemble us.  We have something planned involving Tangled but I’m not allowed to say what it is just yet :-)


3) Jack & Sally – I toyed with the idea of dressing as these characters this year but we ultimately went with something else.  I would rather save a classic like Jack and Sally for when we have something huge planned!


4) Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood – I can’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t want to do a couples Harry Potter cosplay. Luna is my favorite character and I chose Harry for Andrew since he’s so easily identifiable but I would be open to letting him choose a different character.


5) Spider-Man & Spider-Gwen – We actually have each other listed in our phones as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.  I love both of these characters and now that Gwen is webslinging in an alt universe I think it would be incredible to pair her up with Spidey in our universe.


11 Responses to “5 Fandom Friday: Couple’s Costumes I Want to Force My Significant Other to Wear For Halloween”

  1. Cate says:

    Awww these are such great picks, I’d love to do a group/couples costume one day it would be so much fun xoxo
    Cate recently posted…5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Want to Dress Up as for HalloweenMy Profile

  2. B says:

    These would all be adorable couple costumes! I think you’d make a great Rapunzel!
    B recently posted…Funko Friday: Funko Collections I Want to CompleteMy Profile

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m excited to see what you chose!

    Jack and Sally are on my “someday” list too.

  4. Sara Strauss says:

    OMG you NEED to do Peter Parker and Spider-Gwen! YASSSS!
    Sara Strauss recently posted…My Favorite Ipsy Products (So Far)My Profile

  5. Nina says:

    You guys would look stinkin’ cute in ANY of these costumes!! I vote for Punzie and Flynn though :D
    Nina recently posted…Wookiee Wednesday: Thoughts on The Force Awakens TrailerMy Profile

  6. Meghan Sara says:

    Love the couple’s costume idea! Rapunzel and Flynn would be awesome!!! I have thoughts toward forcing my guy to dress up as Commander Riker, but those have nothing to do with Halloween most of the time ;-)
    Meghan Sara recently posted…5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Want To Dress Up As For HalloweenMy Profile

  7. Kay Nyman says:

    I love the title of this post hehe. Excellent costume picks! I too want to do Jack and Sally one year, and Flynn and Rapunzel would be amazing!
    Kay Nyman recently posted…Funko Fridays: Collections I Want To CompleteMy Profile

  8. These are adorable couple costume options! I love fandom-related couples costume. I once went to a party with my husband as Shaun and Liz from Shaun of the Dead. It was great!
    Kendall Ashley recently posted…The Mary Sue Post: Walking Dead Recap, Episode 3 “Thank You”My Profile

  9. Rachel says:

    These are so you! Love these ideas! Can’t wait to see which one you end up being :)
    Rachel recently posted…Weekending: Fall in New EnglandMy Profile

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