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Super Space Chick’s Weekly Round Up (#5)

Super Space Chick’s weekly round up is a blog series in which I’ll be chatting to you about what’s going on in my life, what I’ve been posting on YouTube and my blog, some favorite instagram photos of the week, and such.  So basically just general life happenings and feelings!  I looooooove writing book reviews but I also love reading more personal blog posts so I want to make an effort to share more of my full life here and not just my reading life.

Hello friends! This past week has been a good one!  On Sunday, Me, Andrew, and Gil headed into the city to celebrate Kelly’s birthday.  They also acquiesced to my request to go to Kinokuniya to see the Yuri!!! On Ice pop up shop which I have to admit was a huge disappointment.  There were three giant cardboard cutouts of Yuri, Victor and Yurio when you get up the escalator and approach the manga and anime section and that was it.  They made it sound like so much more online.  Then we walked across the street to Bryant Park and ordered Waffles from Waffles & Dinges.  I’ve always wanted to try one of their waffles so I was in all my glory.  The girls suggested the s’mores waffle but since I can’t eat marshmallow (#vegetarian), I substituted the marshmallow with speculoos and added speculoos crumbs on top and it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.  Then we walked to the Lunt-Fontaine theater to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (but since I’ve already been there to see The Little Mermaid, so I wasn’t able to cross a new theater off of my Broadway Theaters list).  Kelly and I both LOVED the show.  I had actually forgotten just how much I love the Gene Wilder film until the play started and I just wanted to sing along!  Christian Borle played Wonka and he was phenomenal.  The sets were stunning and the refreshments area was stocked with Dylan’s Candy Bar treats!

Then on Tuesday, Andrew’s sister Brittany had two tickets to see Present Laughter on Broadway but when she suddenly had to travel for work, she asked us if we wanted them (that was a very easy yes!).  Present Laughter starred Kevin Kline, Cobie Smulders and Kate Burton and it was exactly the type of British humor that I most enjoy.  The entire play takes place in Kevin Kline’s apartment and all the chaos that surround the people in his life.  I loved every minute of it and we were laughing so hard throughout the entire show! Plus they were really good seats! We went to this darling little place beforehand called Wine Escape that was right near the theater and enjoyed a quick glass of rose before the show began.  Then on Wednesday we were trapped in the latest Penn Station fiasco and since we were still tired from getting home the night prior, we ended up ordering sushi instead of putting effort into cooking.  Andrew played games with his friend Nick (he’s been uploading to YouTube again!) while I watched what turned out to be a really good episode of Pretty Little Liars!  The rest of the week was mostly used to play catch up (on sleep, on books, on Riverdale) and then on Saturday, Cassie and I had our ACOWAR book club.  So. Many. Feels.  Afterward, Andrew’s brother Joe and our sister in law, Kristin, came over for a sushi making adventure.  We were pretty successful despite our first rolls not being perfect.  That was the first time I ever cooked rice (lol I don’t do rice / pasta, etc) but it came out great!  We also watched Easy A because Stanley Tucci is the greatest and played a game of Splendor because gems! Joe totally killed all of us which was shocking because we were VERY skeptical of his strategy in the beginning.

Reading: I finished reading Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han which is now my favorite Jenny Han novel.  I also started and finished Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley which was so beautifully written and my review for it will be up tomorrow.  Lastly, I got most of the way through The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #4) which means I’m one step closer to Magnus Chase!

Watching: Pretty Little Liars– after a completely absurd third episode, I had little hope for this show and then the fourth episode came around and completely surprised me with how eventful and well done it was.  This show is a roller coaster ride.  We also continued our Star Wars marathon and watched The Clone Wars film and several episodes (in canon order, not in the order they aired) and I already love Ahsoka.  We caught up on Riverdale (that finale though!) and watched Easy A with my siblings-in-law!

Once again, I’m even better than on schedule this week- I posted three videos PLUS our book club livestream!


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  1. B says:

    Sounds like you’ve been busy! And those waffles sound delicious!
    B recently posted…First Order Stormtrooper (Jakku Exclusive) Hot Toys Figure ReviewMy Profile

  2. Easy A is such a fun movie! Haven’t seen it in a while; I may have to give it a rewatch. Also, DAMN IT MARSHMALLOWS. I didn’t even think about them having gelatin. D: I know Trader Joes offers a vegan marshmallow, so I’ll have to get some. Since we have a firepit in the backyard now, smores in the summer are pretty common at our house!
    Kay Nyman – My Open Sketchbook recently posted…Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurMy Profile

  3. Kelly says:


    I love Stanley Tucci! He’s amazing in everything. And Easy A is so fantastic.

    What was his strategy? I’m so curious.

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