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Travel Diaries: The Mountains Are Calling (Alaska Trip)

Hi all! Things have been a bit quiet here on the blog lately due to a number of things.  The first being, Andrew and I went on a trip to Alaska with his family for his older brother’s wedding.  I can honestly sat that Alaska is one of those states I never thought I would visit.  In addition to the super long flight across the country (I’m an anxious flier- especially when layovers are involved), I’m much more of a city girl than an outdoorsy girl.  My ideal vacation involves walking city streets, checking out bookstores and museums, indulging in local ice creameries, and admiring interesting architecture.  Alaska is the polar opposite.  We stayed in Girdwood which is “right” outside of  Anchorage (I air quote “right” because it’s about a 40 minute drive but according to native Alaskans, this is considered close-by) in one of the most beautiful log cabins I’ve ever laid eyes on.  It’s called Winner Creek Lodge and Andrew’s mom get’s all the credit for handling the discovery and booking of these gorgeous accommodations.  As scenic as the glaciers and mountains are, my favorite part of the trip were the mornings I was the first one awake.  I would head upstairs to the living room, made a large cup of chai tea, settle in with a blanket on one of the leather couches, and read my book next to one of the huge windows.  (My second favorite part of the trip was not having to wear work clothes for a week and getting to coordinate cute outfits.)  Initially I had been a bit upset about leaving New York when summer weather finally started to surface, but my attitude quickly changed when I realized we would be heading into autumn temperatures and I had a blast packing for an unusual week of my favorite seasons climate.  Even though it the weather was mostly dreary and rainy, it wasn’t like the torrential downpour of rain we experience in New York.  We didn’t even need an umbrella during our excursions and it wasn’t enough to ruin your hair.  The one thing I will say is that I have thankfully never been in a place before with more mosquitoes than Alaska.  They were E V E R Y W H E R E.

My favorite excursion of the trip was definitely the boat ride on the Kenai Fjords.  We took a very scenic boat ride out of a port in Seward to Fox Island which is reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film.  Not to mention, foxes are my favorite animal so I was bound to love such a quirky place.  On our way back to Seward, we were able to see a humpback whale (Andrew got an incredible photo of his tail!) and to touch a bit of ice that broke off of a glacier.  My sister in law Molly had been dying to see some otters and she was over the moon when we rode by some just lounging on their backs in the water.  On the way back to Girdwood (it’s a 2 hours drive) we listened to the Hamilton soundtrack which I’m sure I enjoyed the most of anyone in our car.  And speaking of animals, we had several bear sightings on our street and in our backyard, which basically made me a nervous wreck.  I had been dreading getting attacked by a bear or a moose since before we left and to see them so close to where we were staying really scared me.  I did however, enjoy seeing a ton of animals at the conservatory where they were behind barriers.  There was a reindeer there that I swear looked exactly like Sven from Frozen.  And foxes! As I mentioned, foxes are my fave.  We also did a bunch of hikes, one to a glacier, one to a hidden waterfall and one just around our neighborhood to see the mountains.  It was all very surreal and felt like wandering Middle Earth but by the end of the trip I was ready to be back in NY with the three b’s- books, buildings and the good bagels.

Overall, we had a wonderful time.  Having grown up in a family of four, it was really fun to wake up to an even fuller house of family members (we had 9 total on this trip- sharing 4 bathrooms so it all worked out okay!).  But I enjoy the chaos and conversation that come with so many lovely people in one place.  We were also visited by Andrew’s cousins Clare, Caroline and Nora and their parents Aunt Monica and Uncle Mike and it was so nice to get to spend more time with them since even though they too live on the East Coast, they live a bit further away from us.  We are going to plan a weekend trip to visit them in Philadelphia soon though!

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10 Responses to “Travel Diaries: The Mountains Are Calling (Alaska Trip)”

  1. B says:

    What a beautiful place! I have family that have done Alaskan cruises and they say everyone should do it at least once!
    B recently posted…San Diego Comic-Con Flashbacks: My First TimeMy Profile

  2. Alice says:

    What a beautiful place!!! I was born and I grew up in the country, so I’m totally the opposite, I always need some rest after a full day in the city :D
    Alice recently posted…A Smartphone Packing PartyMy Profile

  3. Cate says:

    Wow it looks like such a wonderful place and looks like you had an amazing relaxing time there. I would love to visit Alaska one day and just enjoy all the natural beauty xoxo
    Cate recently posted…Zaful Summer Dress Long Dress Wishlist & Discount CouponMy Profile

  4. Your photos are INCREDIBLE! That’s crazy about all of the bears though- I had no idea they would wander that close to houses and neighborhoods! Also, I love your Gossip Girl sweater!
    Cristina @ Girl in the Pages recently posted…Hello, Sunshine by Leila Howland | ARC ReviewMy Profile

  5. Oh my gosh, such GORGEOUS photos!!! Alaska has been on my to visit list for ages. As someone who LOVES outdoorsy stuff haha, it’s like a dream come true. My parents actually lived in Anchorage for 17 years (my older brother was born there) and I’ve always wanted to take a trip out! I’m glad you enjoyed your time even though it was out of your comfort zone – good for you!
    Kay Nyman – My Open Sketchbook recently posted…Rainbow Falls – Hike #3My Profile

  6. Sounds like such a fun trip!
    Mariah Kaercher recently posted…The Month in WordPress: June 2017My Profile

  7. Mandy says:

    This looks/sounds like an amazing trip! Alaska is stunning. Having lived in Texas for a decade after growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I miss mountains like whoa.
    Mandy recently posted…Nerd News | The Thirteenth DoctorMy Profile

  8. Gillian says:

    Wow, these pictures are gorgeous! Glad you guys had a great time!

  9. Rachel says:

    This looks like such a fun trip! Alaska is definitely on my list of places to visit (you know I love my cold weather destinations, haha). Those nature views look incredible!
    Rachel recently posted…4 Must-Read Newsletters for MillennialsMy Profile

  10. Chris says:

    Great photos. I really like the one of the bear. Was taken from the cabin window or deck?
    Chris recently posted…7 Tips to keep your feet dry inside rubber bootsMy Profile

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